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Established in 1979, A-1 Metal Spinning & Manufacturing Inc., was started as a small family owned business that cares about its customers satisfaction. We still take pride today in knowing our customers needs are being met. Although we have grown and now provide spinning services and support to many reputable Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s), and we are also proud of our continued commitment to providing quality products and service to loyal customers who have been part of our “family” for many years.

This is a beginning of an exciting new era for us as we look forward to expanding our business and increasing the number of satisfied customers who will want to join our “family”. We would like to take the opportunity to talk with you about our services, about our products, and about our goals for providing your company with the exceptional services you deserve!

Our production capabilities are virtually unlimited with our automatic spinning lathes for long production needs, and we can also fulfill short-run production needs with manual-type lathes. No job is too large or to small and all equally important to us!

What can we do to serve you? How can we best fill your company’s needs? Through our Metal Spinning experience we already know we have products and services that will be assets to your company. We look forward to having an opportunity to discuss this matter further with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Metal Spinning?
Metal Spinning is a much more feasible economical solution concerning toolings and low-run to mid-run production parts while keeping tolerances to a 3plc. location prevelant in our production process.
What Diameters/ Dimensions can A-1 provide?
We spin anywhere from 1″ – 60″ blank diameters on a number of different machines, While forming many different complex shapes and sizes to accommodate Customer requirements.
What sort of Quantities of production does A-1 shop produce?
We’ve had calls on this one a lot from start-up’s to high-volume callers – So though we prefer mid to long production runs in 1000’s, We can provide short-run operations at a per cost basis.
Materials A-1 Metal Spinning Forms/Fabricates?
ASTM’s, C.R.S’s, Aluminum Series, Copper Series, Brass Series, Stainless Steel Series, Kovar, Nife, Iconel even Monel. A-1 has spun many many material likeness metals over the years to our customers specifications or (3)plc tolerances and beyond.
What about Shop Lead-Times?
Traditionally our shop has a standard Lead-Times as is Regionally typically (4)four weeks. Perhaps it is to our current and long standing customers we can “mix and match” our production table to meet their requirements and the needs of their customers.
What does A-1 Metal Spinning Specialize in?
Metal Spinning is Our specialty…We have also provided many O.E.M customers Goods & Services in industries such as: Aviation, Medical, Environmental, Lighting and Reproductions. However whether it is a Artist Studio commissioning our service or a Industrial customer who needs volume and our support in Metal Spinning we take every job and every metal to a level where one can know and have confidence by being reassured they are receiving a quality specialized crafted piece of sheet metal to meet or exceed their expectations – this is what we specialize in!
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We’re an American Company proudly situated in the Pacific North West. Our products are made of high quality locally sourced metals, ensuring that your company gets the product that you deserve.
35390 S.E. Bluff Rd. Boring, OR 97009
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